Fabio Bruno

Audio Producer

I support foundations, companies, and non-profits in telling their projects through podcasts and audio content.
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What Problems I Help You Solve

What I can do for you

Audio Creation

I will help you create the episodes and audio tracks for your podcast.

I will provide all the necessary tips to set the right tone of voice and personally handle the final editing.

Editorial Strategy

Having a podcast is not enough if you don’t have the right content strategy.

I help you define future episodes and ensure that your podcast serves as a marketing tool for your organization.

Podcast Promotion

After publishing your podcast, I will help you promote it effectively.

Together, we will increase your organization’s visibility and make you known through various web channels.

How will we proceed?

The entire journey of planning, production, publishing, and promotion is divided into 4 simple steps.

I will guide you step-by-step, until the success of your podcast.



Step #1 - Listening

The first phase is always the most delicate.

I will ask you many questions to understand what drives you to communicate through a podcast, who your target audience is, and what goals you want to achieve. If you don’t know yet, don’t worry, we will discover them together.


Step #2 - Designing

I will write the podcast for you. Nothing will be left to chance. In this phase, I will provide at least two proposals for what your podcast could be like.

This phase will take into account the time and budget you can dedicate to your project. And, of course, we will also consider the target audience.


Step #3 - Strategy

Once we have defined the goals and planned the project, it will be time to set up the communication strategy to adopt. And immediately after, we will plan how to best promote your podcast.


Step #4 - Production

The time has come to produce your podcast. You will only need to supervise the project: leave the dirty work to me 🙂

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scripts for the podcasts



audio content



episodes online



the podcast channel



the podcast effectively.


What People Who Have Chosen Me

Say About Me

“The best choice for those looking to enhance the structure and audio quality of their podcast.”

We needed someone experienced to help us edit our podcast content, create a more enjoyable listening structure, and assist us in distributing the podcast with the aim of consistent growth.

Fabio was the first person we thought of. He particularly helped us improve the audio quality, offering advice on structure and introducing the right breaks.

Would I recommend Fabio Bruno? Absolutely, especially to those who need to enhance the structure and audio of their podcast.

Simone Cicero

CEO @Boundaryless

“A true expert in the world of podcasting who is easy to collaborate with.”


When we started our podcast, we lacked the right technical skills: we were losing too much time! We approached several agencies, but it only led to further delays.

Fabio was the ideal solution: his flexibility and his ability to listen to our directions always ensure our podcast meets our expectations.

Fabio is a loyal professional who works quickly, independently, and accurately. He is a true expert in the world of podcasting and is easy to collaborate with.

Charline Amereller

Co-Host @alanfrei Podcast / Alan Frei Company

“A sensitive consultant, with a wide range of theoretical and technical expertise.”


My job is to support and enhance the work of social entrepreneurs and innovators. Before meeting Fabio, I struggled to find new communication tools capable of amplifying the impact of these initiatives.

Fabio helped me analyze my projects from a new perspective, guiding me and the project teams towards creating high-quality communication formats.

I would recommend Fabio to anyone who needs a sensitive, precise, and thorough consultant with a broad set of theoretical and technical skills, capable of observing and designing with a unique, creative, and empathetic approach

Federica Fulghesu

Communication expert @Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

Immediate Benefits

You Will Gain

Target Audience

You will find an audience interested in your activity, which is hard to reach through other media.

Constant Guidance

I promise: I will always be by your side for the creation of each episode.

Lasting Results

It may take some time to see the initial results, but once we achieve the goals we set, the podcast will serve as a consistent communication channel over time.

Zero Stress

You won’t have to deal with technical complexities to set up this communication channel. I’ll handle everything.

Reduced Costs

For the same investment as a video, having a podcast offers greater benefits.


As mentioned, I’ll do the heavy lifting. You’ll get your podcast ready-to-go, and your energy expenditure will be minimized.


Some Of My Works

Questo è il mondo nuovo - podcast

The New World

Business as a Human Factor

A journey across the United States discovering a new way of doing business, narrated by the voices of its protagonists.

Podcast produced by the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation.

Villaggi Svizzeri Messina, Reggio Calabria - RSI

The Last Inhabitants of the Swiss Villages of RC and ME

The story of those who have kept alive the memory of an act of solidarity between two nations.

Podcast broadcast as part of the Laser program – RSI – Rete2.


Vicolo Franco Ruta - Podcast

Franco Ruta Alley

Through the voice and memories of those who knew him, a podcast that preserves the legacy of a pragmatic visionary.

Podcast produced by Antica Dolceria Bonajuto of Modica and written by Rocco Rossitto. Editing and sound design by Fabio Bruno.

Fabio Bruno – Audio Producer

Why You Can Trust Me?

I have dedicated all my experience in the field of online communication to the planning, creation, and promotion of podcasts.

What sets me apart from others is:


Experience in the Non-Profit Sector


Proven track record with over 300 podcast episodes created and published.


Opportunity for one-to-one consultations.

Fabio Bruno Avatar

Why do I love Podcasting?

Reach Your Ideal Audience with Podcasts

Podcasts can connect you with a high-quality audience that aligns with your goals.

This includes people who are often hard to reach through other channels.


Total Creative Freedom

Many see the absence of visuals as a weakness in audio storytelling.

In reality, the lack of visual constraints allows for immense creative freedom.

Dive Deep with Podcasts

In a fast-paced world, there’s still a need to explore topics in depth.

A podcast is the best way to do that.


Let’s have a chat

Tell me about your project

and we’ll have a chat to determine if
a podcast is the right solution for your goals.

Leave your email, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Oh, and I forgot: the first consultation is on me 🙂

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Fabio Bruno – Audio Producer

About Me

“Sound. That sort of smell for the ears that, like the scent from the nose, goes straight to the brain and confirms your belonging to the world”.

Paolo Brunati

I specialize in narrative products for business consultants and non-profit professionals, and I closely follow the worlds of music and theater.

At the heart of my interests are music, sound, and the use of words: through these elements, I enable individuals and companies to highlight the messages they wish to convey.

In my work, I strive to ensure that everyone can express their potential in harmony with the rest of the group.

While radio allows a speaker to “disappear” through their voice, podcasts paradoxically have the opposite effect. Those at the center of an audio product gain authority, carving out a precise niche in their environment.

This is achieved through stories and sound, elements I have always loved working with because I find them extremely captivating.