Podcast Ascolti Zurigo

Let’s Listen to a Podcast and Discuss It.
In Italian, In Zurich.
PAZ - Podcast Ascolti Zurigo

Like a bookclub, but for podcast

The best way to learn about a podcast is through word of mouth, usually via social media.

P.A.Z., an acronym for Podcast Ascolti (Listening) Zurigo, was created to discover new things to listen to and discuss them with others in person.

Just like a book club, but dedicated to podcasts.


Is there an entry fee?

The event is free (it would be nice to know how many of us are coming, so if you can, RSVP for free on Eventbrite). Everyone is free to order something at the bar at their own expense.

Do I need to have listened to the entire podcast?

No, you can come even if you haven’t heard the entire podcast (but it’s better if you have).

Is the podcast to listen to always in Italian?

Yes, currently, P.A.Z. aims to focus on Italian-language podcasts, and anyone who speaks Italian is welcome.

I like it but I can't be there, what can I do?

Feel free to contact me via the email ciao[at]fabbruno.com, and I will be able to keep you updated on upcoming events.

Who Organizes PAZ?

PAZ is an initiative created by Fabio Bruno, an audio producer specializing in narrative products for companies and consultants, continue reading…


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Even just to say “hello”!

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